Information for Employers

As an employer you want the right person for the job and Worklink is here to meet your needs.

We are committed to providing your business with motivated, productive and reliable workers. Our client service and business minded approach delivers results that consistently rank us amongst the nation's most successful Disability Employment Services.

We are a free service and can assist you to find and keep great staff from a pool of real ability.

To select the right person for your business Worklink can:

  • Screen potential employees and match them to your vacancies. We do this by assessing their current skills, indentifying any skills gaps, looking at their transferable skills and arranging any training needs to meet the job requirements.
  • Provide open and up front communication to ensure the needs of both your business and employee are met. This is essential so that you are clear on what supports are required.
  • Develop an employment support plan with you and the employee to ensure the right level of support is provided. Once employment is secured our staff will meet with both you and the employee to determine if support will be required on or off the job and how often. In most cases the support we provide is offsite and is at least once a week initially. Our staff meet with the employee face to face to make sure they are coping in the job and to ensure any issues that do arise are identified early. Staff will also make regular contact with you as agreed in the employment support plan.
  • Provide financial assistance through a Wage Subsidy to accommodate training needs.
  • Provide ongoing support to both the employer and employee for as long as required.

Worklink also offers a free training workshop for employers called "Managing Diversity - Mental Health in the Workplace "This training can benefit the whole workplace giving employers valuable knowledge on how to create a productive, mentally healthy work environment for all staff.