Employer -_El_MundosEl Mundo Tapas

"El Mundo Tapas has been partnering with Worklink now for nearly two years. I use the phrase ‘partner’ and it’s inherent meaning with all due consciousness as this has been the relationship between our two businesses.

From the very initial contact with Worklink the emphasis has consistently been on ensuring the right employee be placed in our business.

They have succeeded in this goal through clear communication and understanding the nature not only of our business but of our management style."


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FNQ Independent Living Support

Over the last 12 months FNQILSA has built a strong relationship with Worklink’s employment service. Worklink staff have a good understanding of the philosophy of our service, the skills and attributes we are looking for in a support worker and the type of work we do. The process from initial contact, interview with job seeker and follow up support with both the organization, and with the job seeker, has been exceptional. What sets Worklink apart is the time they have spent getting to know our service before recommending job seekers. This contributes to a much higher level of success in matching the job seeker with suitable employment. As a result, FNQILSA have successfully employed a number of job seekers that have been recommended by Worklink.

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