job searchWorklink is here to help make the transition back to work a smooth one, with the support of our experienced and skilled staff.

It has been proven that work is one of the most important defining aspects of who we are, our sense of meaning, value and belonging. The therapeutic value of work cannot be overstated. To that end, we tailor our employment support programs to meet your individual needs.

Initially, our Employment Development Officer will meet with you to discuss your employment history and aspirations, so that we can provide the right services moving forward. Your Employment Development Officer will then work closely with you to assist you in finding and maintaining a suitable position, whether it is similar to a previous job, or something totally new you want to try.

We offer a range of services that are designed to meet your needs:

  • Assessment of existing skills and strengths to gain an understanding of your abilities and areas of interest. Through this we will develop a career path and identify any skills you may already have which can be transferred to your chosen job.
  • Identify training needs to ensure you have the skills to achieve your chosen career path, and provide access to relevant training where required.
  • Employment preparation including goal setting, developing interview skills, assistance with writing applications and preparing your resume.
  • Assistance with looking for suitable jobs and support approaching employers.
  • Financial assistance to enable you to start work, such as travel costs, clothing, required licenses and safety equipment.
  • On and off the job support.

Your Employment Development Officer will tailor these services in consultation with you, always keeping your needs and interests in mind.