Leadership Program

Job Futures Leadership Program is funded by FaHCSIA. It aims to develop the leadership capacity of Aboriginal and Islander men, women and youth aged 18 and over.

The program allows participants from across Indigenous Australia to embark on a personal leadership journey to develop their skills, to become strong leaders within their communities, families and place of work.

This particular Indigenous Leadership Program was structured with an emphasis on developing leaders with skills in Frontline Management.

At the conclusion of the twelve month program participants received certificates in Frontline Management at the National Job Futures conference held in Cairns on the 2nd May 2012. Certificates were presented by the guest speaker, Tania Major, at the conference. Tania is a Kokoberra woman from remote Kowanyama, an inspirational young aboriginal leader herself in various arenas.

The program was an opportunity for participants to meet and share with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across Australia their personal stories, skills, hopes and visions for themselves and their communities. The program also fostered some lifelong connections as a sense of family was created over the period of twelve months. Participants met in various places across Australia.

Skills and confidence in applying for positions within organisations as Frontline Management personnel and leaders has definitely been a positive enabling experience of the Leadership Program.

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