Are you worrying about someone because they are:

  • having a hard time
  • worrying too much
  • shutting others out
  • not acting like themselves
  • stressing out too much
  • being 'spaced out'
  • imagining things that are not real
  • overly sad
  • really afraid, or mistrusting.

These feelings can be very difficult for them and their family. A PHaMs worker could help.

A PHaMs worker can help them with:

  • having someone to talk to
  • getting their family life and relationships back on track
  • going to the doctor, clinic or hospital
  • talking to Centrelink, legal aid or housing
  • banking and money story
  • looking after their house
  • being involved in the community, and
  • much more

PHaMs will not judge them because they can not do some things or are not coping.

There's no shame in coming to see us. We know what it is to have a hard time. Many PHaMs workers have also had hard times in the past. We know that people can get better, and grow healthy and strong, even if they have had a hard time.

People can meet the local PHaMs worker in a place  where they feel comfortable and safe. It's their choice what they do. They are not alone and family can be involved.

PHaMs workers are friendly and will:

  • be helpful, respectful and understanding
  • take the time to get to know a person and their individual needs
  • talk to people about what they want to do
  • work the way the person wants and at their pace.

So, talk to your local PHaMs worker. Their details can be found on the contact us page. They will ask some questions about what is happening in their life to work out if they can help. They don't need to have been to a doctor about what is happening in their life to join PHaMs.

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