Recovery Practices

As a non-government service working solely with persons experiencing mental illness, Worklink’s  service delivery is influenced strongly by various mental health policies and legistlation, such as the The “Fourth Australian Mental Health Plan, 2009-2014. Action ‘4’  of the plan focuses on the promotion and adoption of a recovery oriented culture within mental health services.

The plan intends that the attitudes, expectations and good practices that underpin a recovery orientation are adopted by individual practitioners, service leaders, and policy makers wether in the public, private or non-government sectors,  and irrespective of the setting.

These new policy directions coupled with Worklinks commitment to the core values underpinning recovery oriented practice were the inspiration for Worklinks efforts to transform service practices to align with a recovery orientation. Specific actions to this end have been ongoing within the organisation since 2010. These actions have included:

  • changes to those aspects of the physical environment that sent messages of ‘difference, of illness and a focus on mental health, as opposed to our core business of employment support.
  • Changes to forms, policies, procedures, and service practices that align with recovery principles and support the agency, citizenship and hope of persons accessing employment support at Worklink
  • The establishment of core, recovery oriented priciples to guide all aspects of our service delivery and practice framework

The Worklink team are continuously learning and developing their knowledge and understanding of recovery philosophy with a view to embedding a recovery oritented approach to all aspects of service delivery.