Managing Diversity

  • "We commissioned Worklink to deliver their Managing Diversity: Mental Health in the Workplace workshop at Warrina Nursing Home in Innisfail.  We had heard that the workshop was extremely good in demystifying mental illness and providing practical advice on how to identify and support someone with a mental illness. Tina Seaton came to our workplace and delivered the workshop... We were impressed as to her ability to adpat the training material.  She discarded her case studies and allowed us time to do a workplace analysis, looking at our orgnaisations' strength and weaknesses and helped us as a group formulate some dieas and actions for change.  Feedback from staff was postive.  We feel the workshop is of a high professional standard and we appreciated the manual, DVD and other resources thate were offered as part of the course. Thank you." "Anonymous"
  • Thank you again for the very helpful and thought provoking workshop yesterday. Among the great number of things I learned from you and the group was my own lack of knowledge and understanding of the world of Mental Health. You have heightened my awareness and I am grateful. I was even able to pick someone's attitude to pieces on a show on television last night, whereas the night before, such comments would probably have gone over my head! "Anonymous"

Full day Managing Diversity course

Responses to question: What did you like best about training?

  • “Adequate time to discuss each area of the subject.  I enjoyed the variations of presentation.”
  • “Real life stories.”
  • “Relevant to my work.”
  • “Open conversation, factual information, fun style.”
  • “Tina (presenter) very bubbly and great a delivery of training. Lots of information was great.”
  • "Tina’s (presenter) manner of presentation. Plenty of resources.”
  • “Learning about a subject I had little knowledge of.”
  • “Gave a really good overview of what mental illness actually is and the facts about it.”  “Gave all ideas on spotting the illnesses and how to deal with them.”
  • “Relevant to all workplaces.”
  • “The trainer is very in depth in her approach to presenting her course to the class.”
  • “Excellent resources would like to discuss possibility of workshop being presented to staff in Cape York.”
  • “Tina Seaton proved to be an excellent communicator. A bubbly person with a lovely personality delighting in delivering her message on a subject she is obviously very passionate about.”
  • “Inclusiveness of sharing different peoples’ experience and opportunity to ask questions/comment.”
  • “Very well delivered, informative, Tina (presenter) kept it interesting.”
  • “Very varied and covered a lot. Very informative.”
  • “New topics covered that I’ve never learnt before. Challenged the thinking process of mine on some matters. Nice course, well prepared and good trainer.”

Half Day Managing Diversity course

Response to question: What did you like best about the training?

  • “Very very interesting, a lot of good tips.” “Open discussion on difficult topics.”
  • “Brought out the importance of caring about another person – it may mean their life.”
  • “Would be good to see all Directors and Senior Management  to attend this training to gain more of knowledge to benefit all.”
  • “Thank you Tina (presenter), the subject is a very difficult one for men to talk about. But you did your best, plant the seed of thought.”
  • “Approaching subjects which need to be talked about. The training was less painful than I thought it would be.”
  • “Bringing Mental health awareness to walks of life.”
  • “How eye-opening it was.”
  • “Trainer could relate(training) to real life experiences.” 
  • “Informative with the facts and figures dispelling the myths about mental illness.”
  • “Highlights issues that is in our workforce.”
  • “Was explained in a simple and interesting way that anyone could understand.”
  • “The content is very relevant in this day and age and is a comprehensive timely delivery.”
  • “Pretty much everything.  I especially liked the ‘disclosure’ and ‘depression’ sections. It has armed me with the knowledge to be able to talk to my boss and know that he should understand as a result of this training.” 
  • “Content of the workshop.  Some of the practical examples provided.  Happy to talk own experiences (trainer). Improved my appreciation of signs.”
  • “Lots of real stories and experiences that we can all relate to.  Tina (trainer) was very informative and very easy to listen to and easy to stay focused on. I would keep running the training just the same.”
  • “Facilitator’s personal experiences – made it much more interesting and valuable.  Suicide handout very good also.”
  • “DVD was great (going to get book) Tina (trainer) was very good, explained everything nicely and I learnt a lot. Thank you.”
  • “Items that were discussed were easily understood and explained in a way that could be applied to life.” "Training was excellent, I don’t have any suggestions for improvement.”
  • “Being clearly informed about such important situations that effect all our lives.”
  • “Very informative – excellent information relating to external organisations with appropriate resources to deal with mental illness.”
  • “Interesting – touched on “taboo” subjects.”

Using a strengths based approach to motivate jobseekers workshop

  • “I like the whole overview of strengths based training and really liked seeing/using the resources. Enjoyed presenter Frioendly, approachable, interesting.
  • “Thank you, very relevant, great speaker.
  • “Easy to understand, presented in logical, well explained order.  Thanks for good informationand presentation.”
  • “Small group in training session. Lots of infomration and lilterature. Thank you very much Tina, very informative.”

Tools and Techniques to Motivate Jobseekers workshop

  • “Expanding on goal setting – someting we do every day and get into a rut.”
  • “Reingorces so me of the goal setting info I already know and gave me some extra stuff I haven’t seen before.”

Using Emotional Intelligence in Emotional Situations workshop

  • “The depth of information and strategies.”
  • “All good and informative.”