What is a DES provider?

Some of the tasks that a Disability Service Provider include is helping people to:

  • Manage health issues that may be making hard to get work
  • Identifying their strengths and work capabilities
  • Developing skills for jobs and being part of a workplace
  • Succeed when they start a new job with further information and support

Additionally, part of the support provided by Disability Employment Services is supporting and working with employers from companies and organisations looking to hire staff.

What are the benefits of Disability Employment Services?

When you register and join a Disability Employment Services provider like APM, you get access to a whole range of benefits including access to a dedicated employment consultant.
They can guide you through what can be a challenging task, of finding a job that works for you.
Additionally, an employment consultant can:

  • Discuss any career goals you have
  • Help you create a resume 
  • Identify and highlight the skills and attributes and skills you have that employers find attractive
  • Assist you in searching for jobs and prepare you for interviews

How does Disability Employment Services work?

Job seekers are usually referred to a Disability Employment Services provider by Centrelink. Centrelink assesses job seekers to see if they are eligible for Disability Employment Services. If they are eligible, job seekers are then referred to the Disability Employment Services provider close to their home.

Job seekers are also able to contact a Disability Employment Services provider directly. The provider will then work with Centrelink to make sure the job seeker is eligible to join their program.

If a job seeker has a preferred Disability Employment Services provider they can also request Centrelink refer them to that provider.

The Disability Employment Services provider then meet with the job seeker to assess and understand their individual circumstances and create a plan for the various support programs to help them find and keep a job.

This program includes supporting employers, who are looking to recruit new staff or who want to adjust their workplace for an employee with disability.

How are job seekers eligible for Disability Employment Services?

To be considered for the program you need to:

  • Have an injury, illness or disability that affects the work you can do
  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or someone whose residency in Australia is not time limited by law
  • Be aged between 14 and the legal retirement age
  • Have an assessed work capacity of at least eight hours per week