Bubbles Story
“Since I was a little boy, I have wanted to do checkouts, it was a dream that I had when I was young”.
In December 2021, a young man, was referred to Worklink, with a medical diagnosis of Aspergers meaning that he did not like noisy places and had difficulty in social interactions and communication – only wanted to do IT.
Multiple conversations and a spontaneous visit to a local supermarket, saw his resume given to the HR Manager who asked, “Can he come in next week for the induction?”.
And with that, his journey to his dream had become a reality.
A meet and greet was arranged for the following day and he was taken on a tour of his new workplace.
For the first few weeks, daily on the job support was provided by Worklink. As he became more confident and comfortable. Support was tapered back until he was able to work independently.
Challenges have arisen. Challenges like customers telling him to be quiet – solution, let’s create a badge “When I am happy, I talk loud”.
Celebrations as shoppers say they choose to line up at his register as his service is outstanding, he is very good at his job and he is such a happy person – his nickname Bubbles was born.
Bubbles has sustained his role for over 12 months and so many staff have commented on how good a job he is doing. Lots of positive feedback and encouragement surround him.
Worklink have continued to assist him with regular face to face support and on the job support to ensure success.
His world of social interactions and communication has grown enormously. His confidence gained from working, now sees him as now part of the S.E.S. where he attends the training regularly and goes on social outings with new friends from the supermarket. Adding to his independence and growth, Worklink subsidised a few driving lessons which he was so grateful for.
So dreams can come true when you are surrounded by a caring support network and employers that are willing to open their doors to new possibilities.
If you would like to be part of changing the life of someone with a disability, please talk to one of our friendly Worklink staff.

Sassy’s Story
This is the story of a young woman with Downs Syndrome. Let’s call her Sassy….
Just like you or I, we all bring our own personality and lived experiences to the workplace. Sassy is an author, actor and for the last 2 years a Concierge at a popular sporting club.
Michelle started working with Sassy in May 21, after she came to Worklink wanting a new job. The resume writing, reverse marketing and interview preparation began and she was ready to interview at the club.
At first Sassy screwed up her nose at the idea of working there, but this did not stop her. She won them over with her bright and bubbly answers at the interview.
And so began her work journey…
Supported by amazing staff at the club who wanted her to succeed, Michelle and Lyndall at Worklink and her own desire to work, Sassy has sustained her position there for over 2 years. Sassy has been provided all types of support whilst at work, including weekly on the job support from the staff at Worklink.
Challenges have arisen and Lyndall has learnt that not everyone does things the same way:-
·       Towels are folded in half, half again and then put in piles of 3.
·       Menus are done front, back, then the middle.
·       Clearing the Bingo trolley starts with the straw then the lemon, then the water is emptied.
·       The No Hats rule, IS THE RULE.
·       Sassy likes to do her stretches before going into the Bingo room.
It is a wonderful inspiring story of a young woman being able to continue her employment… made possible by the combined effort of caring, flexible and problem-solving adults that genuinely believe in Sassy.
If you would like to support someone with a disability, please talk to one of our friendly Worklink staff.
You could be the change someone is looking for.

Bernie’s Story

Bernie has bipolar disorder but this has not stopped her from working. With the assistance of Worklink, Bernie has found a solid job in an organisation that values her skills. Watch the video.

Vincent’s Story

Over the past 8 years, Vincent has found it hard to hold down a job. He lives with a mental health condition and experiences anxiety, limited concentration and short memory. While he’s started several employment placements over this time, at the most they’d last 3 months. But he never gave up.

Miche’s Story

Miche had her heart set on working at Love – Lee Cooking Wholefoods Café in Atherton, Miche secured a job there and not only found her niche but also a place to belong. She has found a reason not just to live but to smile and thrive. Miche is much loved, valued and an integral part of the Love-Lee family and brings so much joy to the workplace!

Tyler’s Story

Tyler has had to work hard to overcome some significant barriers to gain employment. Working with Worklink gave Tyler the contacts, introductions, confidence and support to score a job with Jackley’s Bakery. Under the guiding hand of Dale Jackley, Tyler is learning all aspects of being a bakery assistant so make sure to pop into Jackley’s Bakehouse to taste the delicious delights. He has been with the business now for well over a year and loving it!